16th, September, 2016

4 Years of lazy blogging, with very limited posts, mostly due to lack of time, still my blog ( http://shyamkarna.wordpress.com) got 13, 074 hits (as on 17th, Sept, 2016), out of which 8, 974 visitors, gives me a new freshness life. Even though the numbers are smaller, still long way to go, to match the industry popularity, peer’s benchmark, it gives me tons of confidence, to scale bigger and better, for you and me. So, this day, I have moved my blog from a free WordPress account to a self hosted blog, in a new brand name and identity. I hope to post at least one or two blog posts every week and more, if I have more information to share. This blog is purely just sharing of information and fueling my passion in Real Estate. In the last few months, I keep getting lot of phone calls, email inquiries, comments in content, asking for support in selling their properties, suggesting some new ones to invest and for different services. Off course, I helped those and we mutually got benefited. Will continue to engage with people and support their need. You can reach me @ my number or email. Lets keep connected and enjoy our time.

Year – 2012

Belonging to a very middle class – conservative family, there was a dream to buy a small piece of land for my family to live and create an asset. For 2 years, I searched for a good asset to buy. I went to the market, armed with time/ financial constraints. As I have a shoe string budget, I went for a deep drive to find a one, – from east to west and north to south. I met lot of people, brokers, buyers, friends, realty investors, who threw lot knowledge on me. I went and searched for a blog, who can guide me the process and the dream. I found none. So I thought of sharing my experiences and information which i receive. P.S

This blog is not meant for commercial purpose or to degrade or upgrade a asset. Whatever I hear, receive from market, I am sharing here! Its up to the Guest, who read this blog to take informed and wise decisions.