Resale Flats – How to check the building health?

Few months back, there was a 12 year old property, built by a reputed builder came for resale and my friend suggested me to buy. I was worried on how to check the health of the resale flat. Approached Google for help 🙂 ! Based on what I have learnt, I am sharing here for you.
Before getting into how to choose a good second sale house, its better to know what are the serious issues, that could impact the safety factor of the building.
This is very important, since this is the place, all our dear and near loved ones are going to stay!
1) Of all the serious issues, this tops the most. The main reason for structural weakening happens due to lack of regular maintenance
2) Using low quality, cheap materials during construction process
3) irregular repair and renovation, like shifting the kitchen, toilet without proper drainage pipes
4) removal of load bearing columns for addtional space, without consulting design and structural engineers
5) The buildings which are constructed without professional engineering protocols and usually with untrained construction workers are most vulnerable.
Now little bit more on the above conversation;
A good functional housing society is important for maintenance and repair of the apartment. Most of housing welfare association, tend to postpone repairs, citing additional burden of costs and non cooperation of tenants.
The owners who receive very less rent, will always, go for postponing the repairs. Terrace water proofing is important for multi floor building. Most of the times, the other floor tenants, claim the cost should be borne only by top floor residents. This is a bad practice.If the internal leakages in the flat and seepage issues are not fixed and repaired on time, will lead to structural weakness of the building.
Also, we need to know, what the materials and their brands have gone in constructing the building. Most of the time, we ignore this. Most of the leading builders, provide information only on the tiles, door, paint and lift information.
We should know, how many beams are erected, size of it, the split of material information which goes in building of beam etc should be procured. It is best to have the design of the building in hand and check if there are any violations.
So, in summary, below rules can be kept in mind, before finalizing a resale flat,
1) Go for reputed builder, who are in this construction business for at least 20 – 30 years of time. Ex. Navin’s, Ceebros, Alacrity. They enjoy tremendous customer trust, on choosing the right material and have best design in place for construction.
2) Don’t buy any houses which are more than 20 years old.
3) Choose buildings which was structurally audited a tleast once in a year. Ask for reports.
4) Ask for Design papers and Soil report test, which was done during construction.
5) Enquire if there are major fire happened in the building in the past and also, if the area is affected by 2015 chennai floods.  This will also help.
5) More importantly, look for flats, which has strong house society association. i.e a welfare association which properly takes care of maintenance work of the building. Ask people who are living in the building, they will provide all this info.




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