Realty in 2012.


2012, who ever I met, talk –  felt was a dull year.

Especially Real Estate sector was dragging donwards south.

The main factor (as said) was  attributed on the revision of the  guideline value, which was effected from April – 2012.

From Jan 2012, itself there were rumours spreading across market about implementation of guideline value anytime. As a result, new buyers, traders, investors registered the property in the first 3 months of 2012.

The registration figures for March 2012 was at an all time high.

Also, the greed to make more money, at a short time, made real estate promoters market their new layouts at exorbitant rates.

Residential layouts @ GST Road (till Mahindra City), Sriperumbudur, Thirumullai Vayil, Housing properties from Sholinganallur to Thirporur are expected to be hot/ active this new year.

But people are more optimistic about the new year, anytime from March-2013, real estate sector will pick up promising great year ahead!




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