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Heartfelt thank you, for visiting and reading my blog. I hope this blog gave you, some information which might be useful to you. I hope to add more and be active here. Blogging and real estate is not my full time activity, but still if you need any support in selling any of your proerpties and buying some for you, I can surely engage with you.

Also, if you want any help in below areas, feel free to reach,

  1. Legal verification of your property documents – I will give my honest advise.
  2. Getting certified copies about your properties in govt depts.
  3. Getting EC, Patta
  4. DTCP Approval information etc.

And people who are living away from your properties, if you want to inspect and check anything, I can help you. All details about your properties, will be kept highly confidential.


You can reach me @ 91 90030 28176 or email me at

Will respond you asap.


Raja KL

Chrompet, Chennai – 44