Patta, Chitta, Adangal – Glossary terms in Real Estate


In this post, let us look at the glossary terms like Patta etc., used in real estate domain. This is just for our reference.

Patta:  Its a certificate issued by the Tahsildar of a Taluk Office, the region which falls under his jurisdiction. Its the legal proof on the ownership of the property. This comes under revenue department. A person once he registers his property in registration department, he has to submit his registered deed to revenue dept. to get a patta. If there are any issues with the ownership of the land, the court decides it favor only to the patta owner. So its judicious to obtain a patta once registration is done. The patta will have name of the owner, extend of land, survey number etc.

Chitta:  Chitta is an extract of Patta, which will be issued by Tahsildar or VAO ( Village Administrative Office) of the Village. Its also an revenue dept. certificate mentioning the measurement of the land and also the ownership. This certificate consists of Patta number, Village, Taluk, District, Land Owner Name with Father’s name, Survey number and Sub Division details.

Adangal: Adangal is a certificate issued by VAO, tells about the measurement of the property and where it is located in totality of the village lands. This is provided from extract of A register, where this is maintained at local VAO office.

Grama Natham: Grama Natham is a place/ or piece of huge land, the govt. allotted for people to live and construct houses.


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