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How to cross check if your site is DTCP Approved one?

How to cross check if your site is DTCP Approved one?

Nowadays, you must be seeing newspapers, fliers ( that are inserted in papers, given in toll gates, kept in hotel billing counters etc..) flooded with Approved plots for sale.
Yesterday, I happen to see a surprised advertisement, claiming – A Buy One – Take One plot free, for Aadi month. There are lot of buzz generated on these sort of advertisements.
How to check if your layout is a approved one, Below are the quick check list,
1) When the promoter or the owner of the site, offers his plot for sale, ask for Govt land approval copies. DTCP or CMDA approval copies.
2) The Land Approval copies will have the DTCP/ any other govt bodies Approval number with the year of approval. Please cross check the approval number with Govt bodies, local District Town and Country Planning Office.
3) In the approval copy, there will be mention about total extent of the land with associated Survey numbers. Check the survey numbers where your plot falls and check with Local Village Administrative office.
4) If its a DTCP approved layout, and your plot comes near to allotted school/ or any other public utility, ask for the land owner to give the layout gift deed copy which has been given to the govt and check your survey number of the plot, and ensure it does not fall in that survey numbers.
5) Also, better avoid buying plots in end of the layout, there is a high chance of encroaching adjacent land, especially if its an poramboke ( govt land).
6) There are lot of frauds happening in this way, if the total land is 100 acres, promoters take approval only for 60 acres and sell the remaining 40 acres as approved ones. Ensure this is completely verified. You can check this with survey numbers.
7) Always buy a property with proper parent documents, which does not have PoA’s.
This is applicable to other approval agencies too.
Happy investing/ buying !



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