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How to check DTCP Approval for the layout online ?

How to check DTCP Approval for the layout online ?


Due to the high court ban, there is an increased awareness amongst land buyers  on DTCP approval. I am getting lot of phone calls on this subject. I  will try to summarize, my little known things, which would help you.

DTCP – Directorate ofTown and Country Planning is constituted under Tamil Nadu Town and Country Planning Act, 1971, which falls under Housing and Urban Development Ministry. Prior to the DTCP, T&CP ( Town and Country Planning, by 1920 act) was in existence. This DTCP department has its jurisdiction across Tamil Nadu except Chennai. In Chennai, its governed by CMDA. The head office of DTCP is located in Anna salai, Chennai. Under DTCP, there are 13 Regional offices of DTCP located across the state, in different districts. Under DTCP, there is one more approval authority, called LPA ( Local Planning Authority). LPA offices are located in 11 corporations of Tamil Nadu, which is a sub committee of DTCP, which helps in providing approvals. LPA approvals for layout are also considered valid, legal under DTCP.

To Check the DTCP Approval Online

Please visit the following URL to check the DTCP approval,  This page will show the list of Approvals year wise. At the moment, it is showing only for 2016-17. I hope they will bring other years approval list back. Earlier there were provisions to check the approval by Survey Number/ DTCP Approval Number/ By Year DTCP Approvals in this page.

What are the alternate ways to check DTCP Approval, if the information is not available online

Usually, Regional DTCP office, keeps their records only for 10 years in their office, for reference and official purposes. After 10 years, the DTCP files are sent to Record room, Central Repository for storage. So, you get 10 years old DTCP information in Regional DTCP offices, for older records, I heard its near to impossible to verify and acquire information, after its sent to record storage. The only way to get those information is filing an RTI. Quite some time, I am using the following website services, for filing an RTI. I found its very useful. You can check them @  Their services are very good. From your smart phone, you can apply an RTI.

Contact information of DTCP Offices – which you might find useful.

DTCP Head Office :

Regional DTCP Office Contact Information :

Mail me, if you have any questions and suggestions. Good Luck



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