How to check DTCP Approval for the layout online ?



Due to the high court ban, there is an increased awareness amongst land buyers  on DTCP approval. I am getting lot of phone calls on this subject. I  will try to summarize, my little known things, which would help you.

DTCP – Directorate ofTown and Country Planning is constituted under Tamil Nadu Town and Country Planning Act, 1971, which falls under Housing and Urban Development Ministry. Prior to the DTCP, T&CP ( Town and Country Planning, by 1920 act) was in existence. This DTCP department has its jurisdiction across Tamil Nadu except Chennai. In Chennai, its governed by CMDA. The head office of DTCP is located in Anna salai, Chennai. Under DTCP, there are 13 Regional offices of DTCP located across the state, in different districts. Under DTCP, there is one more approval authority, called LPA ( Local Planning Authority). LPA offices are located in 11 corporations of Tamil Nadu, which is a sub committee of DTCP, which helps in providing approvals. LPA approvals for layout are also considered valid, legal under DTCP.

To Check the DTCP Approval Online

Please visit the following URL to check the DTCP approval,  This page will show the list of Approvals year wise. At the moment, it is showing only for 2016-17. I hope they will bring other years approval list back. Earlier there were provisions to check the approval by Survey Number/ DTCP Approval Number/ By Year DTCP Approvals in this page.

What are the alternate ways to check DTCP Approval, if the information is not available online

Usually, Regional DTCP office, keeps their records only for 10 years in their office, for reference and official purposes. After 10 years, the DTCP files are sent to Record room, Central Repository for storage. So, you get 10 years old DTCP information in Regional DTCP offices, for older records, I heard its near to impossible to verify and acquire information, after its sent to record storage. The only way to get those information is filing an RTI. Quite some time, I am using the following website services, for filing an RTI. I found its very useful. You can check them @  Their services are very good. From your smart phone, you can apply an RTI.

Contact information of DTCP Offices – which you might find useful.

DTCP Head Office :

Regional DTCP Office Contact Information :

Mail me, if you have any questions and suggestions. Good Luck




  1. Hi Raja, do unapproved registered before 1996 should also apply for regularisation? The layout in which I own a plot is already developed with road, drainage, street light provided by municipality.

  2. sir good evening got a land in vellalore already panchayat approved in 2015 and sold 2 sites balance have to regularise tell me the need ful things and where to do these things

  3. Hi. I have 2 plots in madhurantakm . They r Panchayat approved. I want to sell them. During registration to my buyer . If we ay OSR amount we will get DTCP approved.

  4. I own a plot in DTCP approved layout and it’s 2008 approval. How can I check it online with the help of LP number. Or what else I need to check. Please help me.

  5. Dear Mr. Raja, I bought an two half ground in one document, located at Karthigaya puram village, Thiruthani. When I bought that I was informed that the land is local panchyat approved, but I didn’t get any reference and is it necessary to get approved if so is it possible to get my land approval. Kindly clarify. Thanks.

  6. Sir I am land register at 2006 at veepampattu area land sqrt 2110, there is non dtcp approved. How to apply dtcp approved sir please help you

  7. Sir, I need the certified copy of a layout approval of a layout done in the year 1989 for legal purpose. How to get it? Thanks

    • Below are the few steps you can take,
      1) Ask the layout promoter
      2) Enquire the people/ owners living near by
      3) Ask the seller

      Getting a layout copy approval of 1989, is very difficult.

  8. We want to get dtcp approval for land. For that they are asking SPF no or site map sketch. we are not having both the details. We have asked the site map nearby houses of our land they are not giving response.
    How we can get the site map of SPF Number.
    Please reply us.

  9. Hi sir
    We are having approval no from land owner and we need registered layout map which is registered on 1993.
    Kindly sugget ways to get it.
    Thank you

  10. I missed to register for regularisation of three plots before 3rd of November 2018. Now the DD of DTCP says he cannot do anything now. Meanwhile there was an announcement that with a penalty clause they can permit registration for regularisation of unapproved plots. When can we get the Govt. orders on this.?

  11. Dear Sir, We have purchased one plot at my native place, But bank demanding property Layout which we have provided to bank but bank is told to us. Your property is not identifying on basis of layout. So please guide to us.

  12. Hi Sir,
    I have puchased a plot 10 years ago which is DTCP approved, but now i lose my sketch print and when i approach sub register office i am not supported by them, Is there any possible to get my sketch copy from DTCP office or online? right now i wanted to apply for patta for the same plot. So kindly give me your advice please…

  13. Hi sir,

    I am planning to buy a plot in krishnagiri. They said that plot is dtcp vellore approval in 1980s. How to check whether it is dtcp approved or not? What is the validity of dtcp approval?

  14. sir i want an plan approval for my old building , and planing to construct an new building. kindly let me know how to proceed the papers and what all documents i need to make ready.and whom should i consultant. my native is dindigul.

  15. Hi Sir, I bought an panchayat approved plot in 2015, after the government regularised do I need to apply for dtcp? The promotor from whom we purchased keep on chasing us now to pay so that they will convert this to dtcp. But my doubt is initially they asked for Rs25/sqft now they came down to Rs15/sqft. I wonder how they decreasing the charges if we paying to government? I think there are hidden charges.

  16. Sir…I bought a 600 Sq.Ft land in alamathi I realized that it is under catchment area…shall I get dtcp approval?


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