Guduvanchery – What Lord Siva has to do with this place?



If you are wondering, what is the connection between Guduvanchery and Lord Shiva – keep your eyes glued and continue reading.
As per mythological story on Lord Siva, Devas and Asuras were churning the ocean (parkadal)  to drink amrutham for restoring their strength, energy and fortune, using Vasuki, the snake. During the process, vasuki emitted poisonous fumes, which Lord Siva protected the Devas by consuming the poison and helped them to drink pot of Amrutha. After drinking amrutha, Devas were dancing, singling and enjoying and forget siva, who is the reason for them to be alive.
At one point, Devas realized their mistake, prayed Siva to forgive. Siva forgive them and danced in the middle of his vehicle, Nandi’s – bull horns. Thats how Lord Siva got his name as Nandeeswarar. Nandivaram – Guduvanchery, got its name because the famous Nandeeswarar Siva temple is situated right here.
Now lets quickly know about why Guduvanchery is a hottest place, for properties!
  • First things first – Nandivaram – Guduvanchery and Guduvanchery are both one and the same, wihch 35kms from the main city and on the GST road, towards Chengelpet.
  • Its well connected with suburban trains, Chennai to Chengalpet MRTS trains runs via guduvanchery, every 15mts, both the ways.
  • Also plenty of buses on gst road, and the most expected proposed central Mofussil bus stand in Vandalur s just 5kms away.
  • Adhanur, Madambakkam, Kayarambedu, Perumattunallur, Pandur, Karanaipudhucheri, Potheri, Nellikuppam, Thailavaram are the closest clusters.
  • Popular builders like Lancor, Shriram, XS Real, L&T have their projects in Guduvancherry.
  • This is place is surrounded by popular schools like Velammal, SRM school, SRM college, and health care like Nandivaram govt hospital, Deepam hospital.
  • You can also see popular food joints, street foods, shopping centers here always buzzing with activity and busy.
  • Also, not many of you know, Guduvanchery is a place you can see lot of grains, vegetables and provisions wholesalers.
  • The city civic infrastructure like proper roads, electricity, drainage are all in place, well built connected.
  • If people who are worried about traffic, there is an happy news, as NHAI is going to construct a 6 lane elevated corridor project from airport to chengelpet.
    Its going to be a 36km stretch. TN State government is going to construct the road from Airport to Perunkalathur and Perunkalathur to Chengelpet will be constructed by NHAI. Once this is constructed, its just 35mts from Airport to Chengelpet.  This is going to make Guduvanchery a very super hot real estate destination.

And for people who loves clean air, pure water, calm, abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables and peaceful locality with low cost of living- THIS IS THE PLACE to be.

Next posts – I will be writing about hot locations in Guduvanchery, where people can buy their plots/ properties in the coming days!
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