Guduvanchery plots – Where to buy?

Guduvanchery plots – when ever people like to buy a residential plot, they simply ask – I need a plot in Guduvanchery. However they won’t specify, where in Guduvanchery they want to buy. Many people don’t know what are the areas they can look for a residential plot.
This post will try to give a quick ready reckoner for people, to land directly in a place, without wasting time, roaming here and there and avoiding brokers.
Guduvanchery – can be divided into east and west based on the GST Road ( Chennai – Trichy NH Highway) . This post focuses on the eastern side of Guduvanchery especially Guduvanchery – Nellikuppam road and provide you a list of good nice layouts where one can buy, without hesitation and at most confidence.
The below list is narrowed down by keeping below parameters in mind,
  1. Only approved plots
  2. Proper approach roads
  3. Free from water clogging due to rain or any other situations
  4. Layouts which has at least 30 feet or 40 feet roads
  5. Quick access to main road
  6. No nearby cemetery or garbage area
  7. Good ground water levels
  8. Soil type and condition
  9. Decent neighborhood
  10. Good appreciation potential
Based on the above things, here are my preferred locations one can buy,
Perumatunallur, Guduvanchery 
  1. Mahalakshmi Nagar
  2. Annai Aravindan Nagar
  3. Subasri Nagar
  4. Ashtalakshmi Nagar
  5. Suba Mangala Nagar
  6. Rajaji Nagar
  7. Kumaraguru Nagar
  8. Rajiv Gandhi Nagar
Kairambedu, Guduvanchery 
  1. Rajarajacholapuram
  2. Indira Gandhi Nagar
  3. Rajendra Nagar
  4. Rajiv Nagar
  5. Shanta Devi Nagar
  6. Kundan Nagar
  7. Neelavathi Nagar
  8. Lakshmi Nagar
  9. Goodwill Nagar
  10. Narayanapuram
  11. Green park Nagar
Kannivakkam, Guduvanchery
  1. Kumaran Nagar
The above listed locations/ layouts are my unbiased suggestions, which is the result of my market experience and extensive research.
Also, If you need any specific information about any area in Guduvanchery or in the above layouts, please call, drop me a mail or post your comment below. Will respond at the earliest.
Happy investing & buying.
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